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 Some Curly Horse facts about Vegas.............   He is a 15-year-old Dominant Curly dark bay/white tobiano Missouri Fox Trotter stallion. In fact, he is one of only a handful of Curly MFT breeding stallions in the world!  He stands at 14.3.  In addition, he is one of very few who has nice colors and throws a beautiful variety of foals as shown in the photos below.  Most other curly stallions are sorrel in color.  His other great qualities are much more important than color, but color is a nice icing on top.  : )  Vegas comes from very rare bloodlines with two curly parents who are both from the Bashkir Curly Horse lineage. He is also one of very few Curly Fox Trotter breeding stallions in the world with no Walker's PrinceT.  This offers a unique bloodline as 85% of all Curly Fox Trotters originally came from these bloodlines.  Vegas is triple registered with the MFTHBA, ICHO (International Curly Horse Organization) and the SSHEBA. Vegas is one of the best quality Curly MFT breeding stallions in the world today.

MORE ABOUT THE SPECIAL: In the past, vets normally use 1-2 doses of semen to inseminate a mare with Vegas's frozen semen. With this special, you are purchasing your own supply of Vegas's frozen semen and can store it with your vet until you decide to use it. This frozen semen will keep indefinitely so that means you could be producing Vegas foals long after he has passed on! We will send you registration paperwork for every foal you produce with your frozen semen! You could get up to 8 foals, though it is more likely you would be able to produce 3-4. Amazing opportunity to get the gaited curly foal of your dreams. This offer is limited to stock on hand and only for the 2017 breeding season. Offer only available in Canada and USA. Contact us to reserve yours today.

  2017 DCC VEGAS STALLION SERVICE, $1,200 (with LFG)
(we do not offer live cover)

Multiple mare discounts available

 Fee per shipment:

Frozen Semen- Always available
Vegas has successfully impregnated mares via frozen semen at a 75% success rate.
His post thaw motility is 50% on all current shipments.

$150 in U.S.
$300 to Canada

Includes two doses of semen
Many mares conceive with the first dose, but if not, this gives you another chance at it.
Clients must provide one week notice on semen shipments
If client needs a rush shipment a $50 charge will apply

Booking Fee - $250.00
(non-refundable, but applies to stud fee)

In May of 2007 Vegas was tested and certified negative for EVA.

Here's our favorite curly stud ever!!  Now famous in Curly Horse communities all over the world, Vegas has produced gorgeous foals with amazing qualities.  We have kept many of his offspring to build our future herd and we adore them!! We would not part with them for any amount of money.  : )  His offspring continually amaze us and the their trainers with their high intelligence, gentle nature and natural gait which is among the smoothest and best quality in the world.  Not only are they  quick learners, sweet natured and naturally gaited, they have straight legs, strong, short top lines and nice strong bones. Vegas has proven himself again and again as a top quality Missouri Fox Trotter breeding stallion with the nice addition of curls AND color.

DCC Vegas


EIGHT DOSES OF FROZEN SEMEN FOR $1,200 (See Below for More Info)