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Vegas stands at about 14.3
hands, but his sire was 15
hands tall and his dam
stands at 15.2 hands.  Some
of his foals have grown much
taller than Vegas, so we
have a nice mix of heights
with him.  His first son, ZGC
Dallas, is currently 15.2 at 4
years old.

Both Vegas' parents are of
rare dominant Curly Fox
Trotter ancestry. Vegas gets
his curls from, Curly Jim, the
original Fox Trotting curly
stallion. In addition, Vegas
comes from wonderful old
style Fox Trotters and his
pedigree traces back to
impressive names such as
Rex's Golden Touch,
Walker's Merry Lad, Mr.
President, Danney Joe W.
and Zane Grey.

2011 North America Stud Fee - $1,200 w/lfg
(Since Vegas is now living in France, we do not offer live cover to outside mares)

Multiple mare discounts available
All mares must be approved

 Fee per shipment:

Frozen Semen- Always available
Vegas has successfully impregnated mares via frozen semen at a 75% success rate.
His post thaw motility is 50% on all current shipments.

$150 in U.S.
$300 to Canada

Includes two doses of semen
Many mares conceive with the first dose, but if not, this gives you another chance at it.
Clients must provide one week notice on semen shipments
If client needs a rush shipment a $50 charge will apply

Booking Fee - $250.00
(non-refundable, but applies to stud fee)

In May of 2007 Vegas was tested and certified negative for EVA.
To protect him and our clients, he has been vaccinated and will be vaccinated for this virus

Equine Semen Thawing and Use Instructions

Is Cooled semen better than frozen?

Cooled semen is highly dependent on many factors. The quality of the semen produced at the time of collection varies
among some stallions. I.E. some stallions need to be "cleaned out" for a few days before the really good stuff arrives for
shipping. With frozen semen, they only freeze at top quality. The stallion will sit at the collection facility until his very
best semen arrives for freezing. Another huge factor is the shippers. I have heard of shippers not getting the package to
the recipient in a timely manner and the semen is no longer viable. Frozen semen is shipped in a mini nitrogen tank that
keeps the semen frozen solid for 2 weeks if needed. Delays in shipping is not an issue. The final problem is sometimes a
mare will hold onto an egg for longer than the vet suspects or releases the egg to soon and the semen is not available at
the perfect time. The frozen semen is sitting in a freezer waiting for the perfect moment for insemination. Frozen semen
solves all these problems and with the skilled handler is a much better choice and has a higher success rate than either
live cover or cooled.  Contact the most highly skilled repro vet in your area for more information.

 He is also the only Curly Fox Trotter
breeding stallion in the world, except
for one son, with no Walker's Prince
T.  This offers a unique bloodline as
90% of all Curly Fox Trotters
originally came from these

Every season we have a new
selection of his curly foals for sale.
Please contact us if you want to be
notified as each new foal arrives or
if you would like to speak with one of
our clients.  At this time we are able
to offer frozen semen for Vegas.

DCC Vegas
Now Vegas is living in France, but, we still have a
limited amount of frozen semen for sale!  See details


Vegas is a 8 year old dark
bay/white tobiano Dominant Curly
Missouri Fox Trotter stallion.  In
fact, he is one of only 6-7 Curly
MFT breeding stallions in the world!
Most of the others are sorrel in
color and most come from the more
common curly bloodlines.  Vegas'
bloodlines are very rare bloodlines.
He comes from two curly parents
who are both from the Bashkir Curly
Horse bloodlines.  Vegas is triple
registered with the MFTHBA, ICHO
(International Curly Horse
Organization) and the SSHEBA.
Vegas is, in our opinion, the best
quality Curly MFT breeding stallion
in the world today.  He continually
amazes us and the trainers who
work with him his high intelligence,
gentle nature and natural gait which
is among the smoothest and best
quality he has seen.  Not only is he
a quick learner, sweet natured and
naturally gaited, Vegas offers
straight legs, a strong, short top line
and nice strong bones to his foals.
What really amazes us, though, is
his foals.  They are fantastic and
remind us very much of him in so
many ways.  He consistently throws
naturally smooth gaited, sure footed
foals with intelligent and easily
trainable dispositions that perform a
variety of gaits.   He throws
superior quality fox trotting foals
when bred to more trotty or
diagonally gaited fox trotting mares.
Vegas has proven himself again
and again as a top quality MFT
breeding stallion.

Cassidy 099
Cassidy 1
tucson 014
Sienna 001
Carmella 066
2007 August horses 057
2007 June foals 373
2007 March end 024
2007 June 004
Diamond's colt 034
Vegas pedigree
Congratulations Becky!
Lives in Utah - Straight Filly
(Birth from stallion service)
Sold to Pam in Missouri - Curly Filly
Sold to Lea in Tennessee, now back with
us!!  - Curly Filly

Sold to Alma in Monticello, Utah
- Straight Filly

Sold to Susan in North Carolina -
Curly Filly
Sold to Loretta in California - Curly filly
Sold to Brad in Northern Utah -
Curly Filly
Sold to Maria in  Finland -
Curly Colt  (our client's colt, we
assisted with the sale)
Sold to Gina in Utah
- Curly Colt
Sold to Susanne in Germany -
Curly Colt
Sold to Becky in Northern Utah
- Curly Colt
Resides in Utah at Zion's
Gait Curlies
2007 August horses 126
2008 science swim horses 071
Buddy and Vegas 069
2008 science swim horses 088
2008 Horses2 061
2008 Horses2 063
2008 Oct. 421
Clipboard Image
Congratulations to Claudia Duncan
Curly Colt residing in Canada
(Client bought mare in foal to Vegas
and got a bonus!!)
Congratulations to Brad Hansen and Family
Curly filly residing in Utah
(Client bought mare in foal to Vegas and got a bonus!!)
Update:  Unfortunatly this sweet gal coliced and died at
age 2.  We are very sorry for your loss, Brad.  We know
how very special she was to you.
2008 horses 256
Sold to Marie-France La
Curly Colt residing in
2008 Horses2 022
Sold to the Buckner Family
Straight filly residing in Utah

We have a new
partner in Vegas!!!
Aline Verschuren of
Thank you Aline!

Vegas' new, permanent home is
now Brittany, France, BUT we
are still listed as owners on all
his registration papers which
allows us to utilize the frozen
semen we still have in storage.
Yes, you can still purchase
frozen semen and have your
very own Vegas foal.  Isn't
modern technology

Zion's Gait Curlies still owns a
limited amount of his very fertile
frozen semen so, until it's gone,
we can still offer stallion
services to you!

Some Foals Sired By DCC Vegas
Click on each foal to see more info....

On a misty morning I said goodbye to my big
buddy and main man of 6 years.  My eyes were a
bit misty too.  Goodbye Vegas.  We love you and
will miss you!  We know you will have a
wonderful life in France with Aline.

Madison 1
Currently in Utah -
Curly Filly
Sold to Linda in California - HZ Curly Filly
Sold to Linda in California
- Curly Stud Colt
Staying at Zion's Gait Curlies
 - Smooth Coat Filly
Sold to Marianne in Sweden
 - Smooth Coat Filly

2009 june 262
2009 horses 043

2009 june 262 2009 june 262
2009 june 262
2009 horses 048
2009 horses 009
2009 horses 184

2009 june 262 2009 june 262
2009 june 262
phoenix side1
new york
Sold to Gail in Michigan - Curly Gelding
Sold to the Buckners in Utah
 - Smooth Coat Filly
Sold to the Buckners in Utah
 - Smooth Coat Gelding
Sold to John in Utah
 - Smooth Coat Filly
Sold to John in Utah
 - Smooth Coat Filly
Sold to a family in Idaho
 - Smooth Coat Filly
Sold to Barb in Oregon
 - Smooth Coat Filly
Sold to Linda in California
 - Smooth Coat Stud Colt
Sold to Marion in Germany
 - Curly Stud Colt

Congratulations Jacqulynn!
Curly Filly
(Birth from purchased mare)