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"Berry" is a 8 year old sorrel roan Curly Fox Trotter mare.  She is  register...
Buddy and Vegas 276
Berry's micro curl coat
Buddy and Vegas 275

Not only is Berry sweet and gentle,
she has a micro curl coat and
therefore is believed to be
homozygous for the dominant
curly gene.  That means that she
will always produce curly foals
even when bred to a straight haired
Fox Trotter stallion.

Berry's doesn't display a lot of
natural gait in the pasture or the
round pen, but just a slight
pressure on her nose brings a
lovely smooth fox trot like her full
sister, Annie gives us when riding.
Berry's  two fillies born on our farm
have been super smooth gaited.
We couldn't be more pleased with
the foals Berry has produced.
They have had the friendliest
dispositions of all of our foals and
also have naturally smooth gaits.

Berry is bred to MFT stallion,
Hydro's Pawnee Bill, for her 2007
foal and due in June.  This highly
anticipated foal will be a dilute foal.
It will be a buckskin, palomino or
smokey black.  In addition, Berry
may offer her beautiful roan
coloring to the foal.  Whatever the
color, we think it will be tall,
beautifully gaited and well built.
Can't wait to see this one!

Thank you for the inquiries, but Berry is
not for sale.

Yes, Berry is a true roan : )
Berry is bred to Pawnee for 2007
berry baby 099
New pawnee New pawnee
New pawnee
Both photos courtesy of Deserter Creek Curlies

Berry's 2007 foal has arrived!!
She foaled a curly blue roan
stud colt who also carries the
cream gene!  He is solid with
only a small star and he's
beautiful!    As far as we know,
he is the only blue roan Curly
MFT in the world.  With Pawnee
as the sire, I can't wait to see
how this guy develops.  Click
here to see Diego's page.

2007 horses 031
2007 June foals 076 2007 June foals 076
2007 June foals 076

Since we retained Berry's daughter (Champagne Ice) and
will be using her son (Diego) for stallion services we have
decided to offer her for sale.  Berry is suspected
homozygous for the dominant curly gene and has foaled
100% curly offspring.  In addition, she is bred to DCC
Vegas who has an excellent curly producing record.  This
foal has a very high chance of also being homozygous for
curls!  This is an incredible package for anyone wanting to
start breeding quality Curly Missouri Fox Trotters!

Berry is ultrasound confirmed in foal to DCC Vegas


Rancho Tres Estrellas!!!

Berry now resides in Canada