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Dutchess is elegance supreme! She had a huge growth spurt this summer, and is already as tall as her 4 yr old brother! Born May 2010, she is already pushing 14.3 ...super tall for a fox trotter! She already has nice big smooth gaits, she will be your cadillac ride when old enough to train. Her sire is DCC Vegas (Curly MFT stallion now standing in France) and her dam is Royal Serenade Y. She has the "bunny fur" that gives her hypo-allergenic qualities, without the look of curls. She never paces at liberty, not too square either. Great running walk capabilities. You won't go unnoticed on this horse, lots of CHROME, 4 white socks. She is currently up on the summer mountain ranch right now with a few other horses living amongst the cows, deer, wild turkey, and other wildlife, going through streams and drinking from the pond. It will give her/you a great headstart in her trail riding training. She is great around gunfire already! Has had experience being tied to quakie trees for hours at a time. Desensitized using Clinton Anderson's methods, and she also knows his sending exercising techniqes, and yeidling exercises. She has already had the farrier working on her feet since she was 6 months old, she is great for the farrier, great in the trailer as well. I really hate selling her, since she was the ultimate mare I was looking for, but life circumstances make me have to sell her.

$2800...or best offer


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video of her getting trimmed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDoV-zukLNY