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ZGC Bella Sara

What a wonderful gift Blue has given us!!!  I promised my husband and told everyone else that I would for sure sell every foal this year except one...... Blue Annie's foal.  I didn't care if it came out as a straight sorrel colt, I was keeping it. You see Blue is an amazing trail mare and she is also 23 years old, so I was taking a big chance even breeding the old gal, but we really wanted a foal of hers to carry on her wonderful talents.  You can imagine my absolute elation when this curly filly arrived!!!!


Bella is a black based grey filly that is now a 3 year old in April.  Bella has her dam's nice gait and even her spunk.  Blue is not one for being a slow poke on the trail and even at 25 she never runs out of steam on the trails.  Bella is folowing in her in every way so far.  She comes from a legendary line of Fox Trotter horses prized for their stamina, athletic ability, smooth gaits and amazing ability as serious hunting and mountain horses.  We wanted to breed for these charactaristics, but with the curly chararteristics too.  She will make a wonderful trail mare for this purpose for a smaller rider.  She will mature to the 14.2 hand range.

Bella will not be tall enough for our very tall family.  We prefer horses at least 15.1 up to 15.2 hands.  All her shots are done, teeth floated and wolf teeth pulled on 4-19- 13.  To an experienced horse home only. Bella is getting close to training and you can turn her into the great trail mare of your dreams!  She will have lots of endurance and athletic ability for a serious trail rider with amazing smooth speed type gaits.  To an experienced horse home only or someone who can afford trainers.  All young horses need to be trained right.

We now have 4 videos of Bella.  You can see them below.  This is a very reduced price to move some horses fast.  No payment plan available for this deal.  We must have full payment at time of purchase.


Lobo's Blue Annie

(Bella's Dam)
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